We are a financial technology company helping India meet its credit, consumption & savings needs using its favourite metal, Gold.

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India has a total stock of over 25,000 tonnes of Gold, that’s around USD 1 trillion or 40% of India’s GDP. Majority of this is with Indian households.

India is one of the world’s largest gold jewellery consumers, outstripping the combined jewellery demand of the Middle East, Europe and the US.

Gold is a major form of savings for India – across regions and demographics. For every Indian household that has a bank account, 3 households own gold.


We aim to enable millions of Indian households meet their credit, saving and investment needs by better monetising their assets. We hope to free the financially underserved from debt cycles by empowering them to build a more predictable and secure future.

If you are a bank, NBFC or jewellery brand and would like to partner with us, please write in at partnerships@fwcap.in

More important than where you’re from and what you’ve done is what you can deliver. We prefer quiet and assured forward motion while working together as a team.

If you’re interested in joining us, please write in at careers@fwcap.in

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Nitin Misra

20+ years across Product, Marketing, Operations, Partnerships & Regulatory in India & S.E. Asia across Fintech, Telecom, Devices & Software.

Deepak Abbot

20+ years of building Products with a deep understanding of Analytics & Growth. Worked across Fintech, Media & Gaming.